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I got it at GameStop along with the last guide on June 16, at 3:24 pm

I'm not lying about that time either

I had my little sister call around town to see who gets it in while I went to work for my neighbor for the day. BestBuy, Target, and Wal-Mart didn't get it until the 17th. TRUs didn't get it until the 18th. Blockbuster and Hollywood video did not get it until the 19th. I couldn't wait much longer. She finally found GameStop in the yellow pages and they said they'd get it in at 2 pm. I headed home at 2, ate lunch (after working non-stop for 5 hours, yes, I needed to eat before I headed out) washed up (had wood stain all over my clothes and body, couldn't leave like that either) and talked online with that special someone. Had to say what I must before I got this game.

I was right, it is hard to decide which to do. Talk to her or play KotOR. Don't worry, this game isn't that good that I'd blow her off for it Although, I do like it much more than Dark Forces, my previous all time favorite game. High praise from some guy most of you don't even know!

Grrrr, bear with me and my long posts. Don't worry, I'll get lazy soon, even when talking about this game

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