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The Big Trial

Ok, I'm a bit stuck.

Ok, I'm talking about the murder trial of Sunry. It's drivin' me nuts! I've talked to every NPC and PC in the level, and NO ONE is going any farther to say what's going on.

I got the Rodian (name escapes me) to say he was paid to plant the medal.

I got the gambler in the other room to say she was a Dark Jedi. Took a bit of Force if ya know what I mean

I got Sunry to admit there was an affair.

Now, my feeling is I need to get into the Sith Base. Unfortunately, i have no BLAZING idea how to do that, even the hacker droid ain't up to the task. Actually, now that I think about it, I can't even access the Republic base. And no one in the world is coughin up any other information.

What am I missing? Or did I just do something completely wrong?

Oh, just a side note, if ya can, don't TELL me how to do it. Just hint at it. Geeze and this isn't even the MAIN quest. I'm screwed.
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