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I am 20 hours into the game, having fulfilled 2 parts of the main quest. I have finished all quests on the 2 planets after Taris: Dantooine and Tatooine, save one that I must venture to another world to secure the item I need to wrap that up. But let's just say I arrived there last night and am ready to go to great lengths to do this (not money, but lightside points, I know I need them!)

I have found all but one party member, and truth be told, was quite evil in my purchase of the droids.

Threatened the Twi'lek Davik would kill her if I didn't get that astrodroid for free, and threatened the Itho I would kill him if he wouldn't lower HK-47's price

That's what pulled me down. I'm still light, but not as high as I used to be. I'd like to be an outrageously good guy, but being myself in actions and dialouge, get the occasional darkside points Oh well, this will determine just how good of a guy I am

By they way, I used male portrait with the really short hair, goatee deal under the lip, and scar.

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