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Originally posted by JEDI67
The cave Is right next to where.
You find the droid that ran away from his master.
That was next to a wall and I did not see it

Yes, get sabers from where they said, and no, it does not put you to the Dark Side, nor does wearing Dark Jedi Knight robes like my character does. It just looks cool cause its black!!!

Anyhow, you'll get another double bladed saber shortly if you

Go to Tatooine, you get a short bladed saber, double bladed saber, and yet another normal one plus a few crystals

Then, if you need more crystals and haven't found those caves, there are yet some more if you do what I said in that spoiler, only a few hours later...

In the Krayt Dragon's cave, search all remains and rubble to get a holocron, a violet crystal, and a few more power crystals. Dragon's Pearls can go in there, but you might wanna give that to the Tuskens if you make peace with them for loads of XP

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