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Alright....Still stuck....


I have talked to every NPC and PC about the whole Sunry case. I have talked to the Rodian and he has confessed that he planted evidence. I talked to Firth Me and (with some help from Force Persuassion) he confessed that Elassa was a Dark Jedi. I then found video proof in the Republic Enclave that in fact Sunry DID kill Elassa. I have talk to Sunry's wife and she's still spouting off about finding the REAL evidence. A couple of people, can't remember who exactly (might have been the mysterious man after leaving the hotel for the first time) mentioned that I might want to go to both the Republic Embassy and the Sith Embassy to look for more clues. My question is, where is the Sith EMBASSY? I have found the Sith Base and have scoured that place clean and it hasn't helped me at all, but where is the Sith EMBASSY? Any ideas people?

With all the information that I have gathered up I have gone to the trial several times, I have either admitted that he was guilty and he was subsequently executed or I have found that he was guilty, but because of the evidence they decided to only give him a life sentence. The XP points that I receive from doing both suggest that there is a better way to go about doing this and getting more XP.....

Any help would be appreciated here.....
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