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I was lucky that I did not encounter it, as I know many didn't encounter it either. But for any XBOX owners here or any of you getting it on XBOX, here's a tip on how to avoid a bug that is not able to be fixed and you can only beat the game by... starting ALL over (unless you have several game saves and one being before you leave the 5th world) So here goes, as spoiler free as possible.

After completing the 1st 5 planets (this includes Taris and up) there is an option you have that may trigger this dreaded bug that BioWare and gamers having the problem have found the cause of.

After completing the first 4 worlds, come back to this thread and read the spoiler box

When choosing which party member to break you all free, do NOT choose Mission to do so. We know she can't stand up in a fight and you'll use her cloak, but when you open the detention center doors cloaked, she remains so and after the climax of the game comes an important cutscene with her in it. If she's cloaked, the game can't show her.

As a result, the game freezes trying to get the model shown and there has yet to be a way to fix this other than doing what I said. You really have no idea how close I came to selecting this option and I am relieved I took another course of action

This may not be the only solution, but it is how to avoid encountering it in the first place

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