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Nightlight (tries to) pull it's act together

And would have a hel of a lot of luck too if the forum didn't keep eating the posts.

What good has been happening for Nightlight, I hear you ask? With me moving three hours away from the recording studios, Lawrence (who voiced Miguel, the Narrator, and Lube) being busy with working in plays (not that it's a bad thing, I'm really happy for him), my computer video card packing it in and not being able to afford a new one (it's a bit hard to edit radio without a computer!), plus there's all the bollocks at the moment with the website/server issues, and if that doesn't cripple Nightlight, I don't know what will!

Stuart came back to the fold. He moved back to Newcastle from Queensland not too long ago, and the day before I moved to Sydney we managed to arrange a recording time. So with one day before my impending move, I found myself in a recording studio with Stanley and Stuart recording two half hour Howard specials, one titled 'No One Rules Forever' and the other 'Tax Another Day'

These half hour specials, I hope, will be online later this year. I've got a total of four half hour specials waiting around to go online as it is.

When Lost Cause 2 is recorded (note the WHEN, not an IF), and if Lawrence isn't available for it, expect Stuart to fill the voices of both Narrator and Lube. For the show must go on. But I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

Oh, the other final news is that the BBC turned down my one hour comedy 'Pharaoh: Ruler of the Nile'. So I'll have to see about cutting it into parts and recording it for Nightlight. Maybe.

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