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'mey' said Ray and so they stepped up to the table.. 'but first lets turn the volume down here' Ray shouted .. 'ahh much better now' .. Ray took the cue .. 'HERE' and threw it over to Roy. .. That stupid guy didnt catched it. 'F###' . .. he couldnt speak it out befor it all was too late, by the same time Andy already had recognized that it had fallen DIRECT onto the self-destruction-button wich are wide spreaden in THIS universe.. for our unlucky heroes self destruct with the next seconds wasnt stoppable anymore...

So couple of meaningless timeeras later .. the UNIVERS returns ..

and this time RAY has his ADDICTION to blow up dolls .. and Roy is only wearing G-Strings (dont be bothered.. Ray is wearing NOTHING underneath) .. and andy always has enough SLIPS (sexy ones andy, for real sure!!) for ROY and RAY ..

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