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Weird, my last post didn't show up. Well here it is again. Sorry if it double posts.

Sorry, couldn't respond yesterday. But now I can...


The sith embassy is east of the Republic one. But there's nothing in the Sith Embassy. Actually, you have enough to go to trial now, as you've both done. But you must ask just about ALL questions to all the witnesses. Even the supposed "hear/say" ones. I'm guessing both of you only asked a few questions so as not to sound redundant/incriminating. Screw it. Ask it all.

It probably needs a proper order to asking the questions though. But I have no idea what that is, I just started asking what seemed relevant, and then got the verdict. My only suggestion is whatever tangent the witness is going off on, try and follow it. An example would be if they were tlaking about a red wagon, ask more questions dealing with the wagon. Then when you're out of those types or questions, move onto another question.

Win or lose, the rewards to this trial are not great. For how much one puts into it (I blew at least 3 hours trying to figure out what to do) I feel I shoulda been rewarded more. And I agree with what someone said about this "I felt like such a sleeze helping this guy even after he did it."

Hopefully that helped. If it didn't, obviously, repost and I'll try to help some more.
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