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I PM-ed him ... He pm-ed back

Originally PM-ed to YD by VA_Rebel_Spies

Sorry about that. A freind gave it to me as well as others. I'll chaneg that.

That was yesterday ... I'll give him one day more (it's a shame how bad the english is from some americans).

On the topic of avatar stealing.

Ofcourse obi wan, the matrix code and the ringspell are property of big companies. Yet they allow use of their pictures to a certain degree. Otherwise sites like and couldn't even exist. For fan reasons limited use of their material is allowed ...

You'd think LG did pay to create the LF banner at the top of this page? No, they didn't (correct me if I'm wrong).

Why do I find this important? Well ... first, making an animated avatar is not as easy as scaling a picture to 70x70 pixels. My basis avatar 'obi.gif' is a frame by frame subtraction from a SW trailer, rescaled, adjusted and made less than 20kb.

the 'obi-matrix.gif' is a whole other story. I've combined two animations with different sizes and frames and made them transparant. Because of increase of motion in the animation I had to drop some frames and decrease the quality a bit. After that it took some color adjustment (like the obi-ring.gif avatar, it needs more blue) to coplete it.

Second, the avatar represents me. When people see a post with an animated holo obi-wan next to it, they think of me. There's only one who has that avatar, and that's me. It's kinda like my face on the forum.

So I don't wanna see anyone with that avatar running around here, let alone without asking permission. That's not only for obi.gif, but also obi-matrix.gif, obi-ring.gif and all future variations ...

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