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Post Greetings.

And welcome to the end of your patheticness.

Remember me?

I have come back, not to save you, or invade and leave. I am in need of assistance. I'm starting up a clan in battlehack, and will pay everyone who joins me 5000 gil. Reasonable enough? Also another requirement:

put in your signature:

Under General Kioet Csuhen's Command

Exactly like that: bold and underlined. Reply to this messege if you want to join, and have the above in your signature, and I will pay you 5000 gil. And I will also pay you 300 gil for each victory. Remember however, NO defeating others that are under my command, if you violate this, you are officially out of the clan, and won't recieve anymore credits for having successful victory.


Kioet Csuhen
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