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Turning Dark Jedi The Easy Way {SPOILER}

For Those Who Dont Know How To Read A Spoiler Just Highlight The Text

After You Leave Dantooine You Will Have A Stowaway Girl On Your Ship In The Cargo Hold, When You Talk To Her Just Keep Telling Her To Get Off The Ship But Before She Leaves Talk To Her Again And Tell Her To Leave, Each Time You Stop Her And Talk To Her You Will Gain Dark Side Points. This Can Be Done An Infinite Amount Of Times Getting You To Full Dark Before You Even Reach Your Second Planet. Hope This Helps, Later

Also, Anyone Else Who Plays Darkside Think Its Cool That

Your Face Turns Dark Charcoal Black Once You Get Enough Dark Side Points, Just Thought It Was Neat That You Look Exactly Like Revan Now

==We Got Now We Dont Care Who Got Next==
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