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Exclamation Mod or admin plz help me


please if your not an admin,mod, or any other person that runs the site plz don't post here.

I have a few questions on the new battle system:

1. About the bank.... does healing or betting wagers on a fight count as a transaction? Both come from the bank and If they count
as transactions than I can't fight or heal while still making enought money to heal since it costs me up to 40 gil to heal!. This is the
most pressing issueI have come against and hope that u have some answers....

2. As I and another forum member have noticed weonly get 1 gil per post now, is this a glitch or is this the new system? I mean it
may prevent some spam but I think it may cause alot of spam Also I don't think it's fair for the rest of the posters who post
actual on-topic content on threads.

3. Will the bank page be being fixed? i have notic3d that you have to scroll to the right to see your current amount of money. Now
it only takes me 1 extra second to move the bar but I think the page would look nicer over all if the page was more compact.

4. How do we form alighnments(sp?)? I know a few people who want to make one and I would like to be in it but we can't figure
outhow to start one up... Could you plz help us?

I have pmed rhett but he either didn't get the message, hasn't checked his messages, deleted the message, or just hasn't had time to respond although I have given him almost 24 hours now to respond............

These are questions I wish to have answered and I would only like mods or admins to post here so that means if your not a mod or admin PLZ don't post here!!!!!

All help from mods or admins would be greatly appreciated

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