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Exclamation Banned for poor english skills?

Fellow forumites and forum leaders, welcome.

A matter has been brought to my attention involving another member and the moderation team at Monkey Island. I'm not involved in this, except to help a friend who is in hot water and asked for my help. I seek therefore to open up a dialogue on this matter so that Lucasforum's policies can be made clear to all involved.

Now then. RayJones is a member whom I've come to know over the past few months. He is from Germany, and his english can be somewhat...creative at times. Add to this his sense of humor, and frankly sometimes his posts need to be read a couple of times in order to see what he's saying. His posting style has brought him under fire, and the dread 'spam cannon' has been leveled. I am told privately that he is in danger of being banned. Here is a thread in which we see him getting in trouble.

Despite the unique character of his posts, Ray is a deep thinker who often has interesting thoughts to contribute if the other members take the time to understand him. He's been involved in some rather serious philosophy in more than one thread of mine. Yes, he's zany, he's goofy...but he does contribute meaningfully when others take the time to engage him. This link will take one to such a thread, which I hold as evidence of Ray's deeper thinking behind the oddness:

So, my concern is this: should Ray be banned because his difficulty with the language gets in the way? His posts look spammy at first glance, I admit...but I have found that he's actually trying (sometimes hard) to communicate his ideas behind the awkward words. Does Lucasforums have any policies that cover this situation, or is there precedent?

I really would hate for my buddy to be banned because he's misunderstood. Thank you for your time and thoughts on this matter.

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