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Hmmm I've seen Ray around and he's an aright guy so I don't really know what the fuss is all about. I've come accross many people who don't speak english well because it may be their second language or something similar. I actually think Ray is furny hehehe

I have a person on my forum who speaks... and i'll say it bluntly, terrible english. Sometimes everyone in the forum will have to read his posts 20 times over just to get the jist of it, but most of the time he's okay. To make things worse he's also new to most things on the internet and has been asking me a lot of questions about this and that. Dealing with him I've developed a lot of patience and despite what seems to be him spamming I've actually re-read some of his older posts and realised, after getting used to his version of english, that he actually did have something to say. |

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