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Cool Guy Oh, for Pete's sake...

Mercatfat: The 'inflammatory' introduction that I edited out was an invitation for forum members to copy-paste the 'Declaration of Interdependence' into an e-mail and send it to their respective national leaders. Neil replied with (and I quote) 'Closed ' but left the thread open, which I took as a suggestion that perhaps my original idea was too...trouble making. When I re-read what I'd posted the day before, I too felt that the e-mail suggestion should be taken out and I did so.

You also seem to have missed the fact that I went out my way to state twice in that thread that 'vive la resistance' was a philosophy that I wasn't applying to the Lucasforums moderation team. Assuptions and a misunderstanding of my intentions...I dismiss your allegation.

My activism in the Harbor consisted entirely of showing the members that they could discuss moderation issues in the MI feedback forum of their own initiative. There was a spam-allowed policy posted, but threads were being closed with little explanation, and I felt that better communication was called for. That happened, which I appreciate. I don't seem to be too popular there, though, which is why I simply no longer visit. *Sigh.*

Kurgan: Hi! I didn't mean to ignore you; I just had my hands full, so to speak. It's been awhile, eh? Seen Wizzywig at all?

Anyway. See how easy it is for me to be misunderstood with my reasonably intelligent english? Imagine how much more so it would be in a foreign language. Please don't ban least not from Lucasforums in the greater sense! There are other forums that Ray visits where his posting style doesn't seem to bother others at all.

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