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As long as freedom of speech is still allowed on the boards I see no reason why people shouldn't post thier opinions on a subject wherever and whenever they wish.

1 a : the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business
b: a public meeting place for open discussion
c: a medium of open discussion or expression of ideas

Banning is a harsh sentence for someone who has chosen to adopt a singular writing style. (One has to wonder how e.e. cummings or Dr. Suess would fare posting on the LF networks... )
Especially for someone writing in a language not native to him.

I like to believe I have a fairly well-developed command of the written English language, but even I have occasional lapses of spelling and grammar. Occasionally it's strictly intentional, like

... when Ahm voicin' a character ta' make me a funneh...

And occasionally it's not.

Lots of people bend, and even sometimes totally disregard the stardard "accepted" rules of English grammar and punctuation when online.

Personally, I have had no issues with Ray's posts,.. and I actually prefer reading one of his posts to the occasional "l337"-speakers that I come across online. I do not believe his posts are all gibberish. There is always a message to them.

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