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Ja, das ist der ubersche*st!

*(Shrugs.)* Well, that defines the extent of my german.

I appreciate the irony of Ray's post, and am suprised to learn that my name in german is still 'Zoom Rabbit.' I once sent an unhappy PM to someone in french to prove the same point. Of course, in my case I probably misspelled and used words confusedly even more badly than Ray does on his *drunk days,* which was my point. It ain't easy to actually face the challenge of saying something intelligent in one's second language. A working vocabulary is hard-earned, and in the early stages of fluency...well, there really isn't a whole lot one can say correctly. One is tempted to restrict what one says into simpler terms, often just barely understanding what the others are saying around you in the first place and being afraid of responding to them incorrectly.

One's early posts might not seem to have much to say at all. Or even be on the goofy side. Sound like someone we know?

Is he spamming, or is he contributing to the conversation as best he can? Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm quite sure that he'll try as hard as he can to clean up his posting style for you guys at MI--that's his nature. Just show him a little more patience, that's all. With the mind that I've seen working behind the awkward words, when his vocabulary and understanding of idoms improves, he'll probably be one of the more deep-thinking and philosophical members you have! Just the thing to improve the quality of the posting in the Harbor, which unless I'm mistaken, is a goal that you guys have set for yourselves over there.

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