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Originally posted by STTCT
Ray should not be banned. It is CLEARLY and WIDELY known that he has trouble with his english. It would be different if he was someone we were not familiar with and we knew was doing it ON PURPOSE.

I think that this is simply blown way out of proportion.

Very, very true. I think we've now conclusively proved that the vast majority of people SUPPORT Ray, and that it's just a rather misguided view on what should and shouldn't be subject to moderation by the minority of moderators.

Originally posted by RayJones
This is another example of a nonSPAM, coherent and senseful reply to a request for help in this thread.

This is really how it should be done, and the best thing is the prefetc spleling.


*burns flag "Shut up."*

Ray, maybe it would be a good idea to avoid stirring up feelings further on this one. Most of us know that the guys in question were in the wrong, but let's avoid any further bad feeling......

.....Just sit back and be smug in the fact that the majority of users and moderators support YOU.

I do wish Mercatfat and Remio (and indeed anyone else who has issues with Rays English) would come forward and admit they could have handled things better.....but I've said my piece (many many times...zzzz), so I'll leave it at that.

One thing Mercatfat and Remio can answer for us:-

Now that it has been proved that most people DO NOT have a problem with Ray - can he now post in the Monkey Island Forums without fear of being heckled, harrassed, bothered....or BANNED?

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