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I post on a russian forum every now and again, except it's all in russian so I have to use a translator-page to navigate it, and I post in english and they all understand. I'm always worried that they'll think I'm obnoxious for posting on a russian forum without actually knowing russian, but they're all nice people and don't seem to mind.
I have no idea what this actually contributes to the 'discussion', but it doesn't seem to matter much on this thread. But I do go to great effort in navigating their forums through a translator page (sort of like babelfish, but I use something else because babelfish doesn't work. the translator doesn't translate very well so I always have to guess at what people are saying), and I always take a long time to make sure that what I'm posting is relevant, makes sense, and that they will all understand it (as their english isn't fantastic, I use simple words and sentences). It probably takes about 10 times longer to browse the russian forums than it does english forums for me, but that extra time is well worth it because the russians are cool.

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