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Well, Mentat MM, it's kind of a long story. I'm a relative newbie at JK; I bought the game last summer. (Hey, it was a cheap $10 and I needed to slake my Jedi thirst before getting JO the day after Christmas) Consequently, I didn't know any of the modding projects of the community. I soon discovered them and started downloading them. When downloading a mod from, one guy made a comment of how the Manowars 2 mod was much better. Intrigued, I tried finding the site from Google ( didn't have Manowars 2) After hours of searching in vain and dozens of broken links later, I posted here.

I downloaded Manowars 2 last night from the JKMAG website. I must say, this mod ROCKS! It's the right balance of changing enough elements for a new game experience to still keeping the same atmosphere and "feel" of the default game. Too many mods I have downloaded decided to change everything, but it just leads to initial confusion and sometimes gameplay problems (one mod didn't have a saber. Consequently, fighting the Dark Jedi was impossible.) My only complaint; I can't play Manowars 3. (I don't have Mysteries of the Sith )
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