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Umm, yeah. This is my first post, so I assume we kind of make up whatever we want about the character, other than "I am God and can kill you all." Stop me if I'm wrong. BTW, this will likely be a long-ish read.

Name: MacLennan
Age:Unknown, probably 26 or so.
Description:5'8", 175lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes. (Creator's note: this dude looks like the Jedi Trainer character from JKII multiplayer)
Weapons/Items: A hand-me-down lightsaber with a blue blade. Blastech DL-5 pistol. Imperial Army knife (folding knife with small saw, knife blade,scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, toothpick, and corkscrew).
Past Occupations: Imperial soldier, Imperial intelligence and linguistics specialist, relations specialist with Gala-Mark Corporation.

I don't really know where I came from. Probably some dingy craphole in the Outer Rim. I don't know who my parents are, or if they're still alive. I grew up in the slums of Coronet, the capital city of Corellia. I had the uncanny ability to pick pockets and never alert the victim that I was there. I made enough to get by, but it was pretty meager. When I was about 16 I lied about my age (an easy task since no records on me existed) and enlisted in the Imperial Army. It was probably the best choice for me at the time. I was fed, clothed, and educated. I received combat training second to none, and during the training I realized another level of awareness. I know I sound like one of those "natural" people the holovids make fun of, but it's true. I could sense things before they happened, and I was the most physically fit in my unit. I had a knack for languages, and they sent me to Coruscant to the Imperial Linguistics Institute. I learned a half-dozen languages in the two years I was there. After that I served with the Imperial Security Bureau, travelling all over the galaxy on missions ranging from sting operations to intelligence gathering and stakeout to hostage rescues. It was pretty weird stuff. I loved my job, for the most part. But I'd seen some pretty messed up stuff go down. I saw officers torture and kill people for no reason. I saw them cheat the system while at the same time punishing subordinates who did the same thing. I also ran into a couple of Jedi, which creeped me out, even though it intrigued me. I got tired of it, so I transferred to a regular infantry unit. That was a cake assignment if I'd ever had one. It was just training mission after training mission.

So I left the Army after 6 years. I'd signed on for an extra two years so I could make Sergeant. I found myself with money I'd carefully saved up over 6 years, and a galaxy that welcomed those who wanted to make something of themselves. So I bought a nice place in one of Coruscant's suburbs and settled in. I got a job as a relations specialist with an import/export company, and made a nice living for myself. I lived in Coruscant for two years or so, but grew discontent with the Type-A personality of that place. I moved back to Coronet, but the whole war thing between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance made it impossible to find a job. I went into private investigation for a while, resisting offers from the Alliance to join up with them. The Empire pretty much left me alone, but I got the occasional "Wanna come back?" call from the desperate recruiter. I figure (as I hope they do too) that I've paid my debt to the Empire and I don't owe them a thing.

So here I am, out of work, doing odd jobs for people (you know...track down this guy, whack that guy, whatever). It's enough to get by, but I'm going to have to figure out something soon.

Strangely enough, one night I was walking home from the pub, and I took a shortcut through the park. Three big burly dudes were beating on this old man. He was on the ground, clutching a wooden box. Blood was running down his bald head and stained his beard. As soon as he saw me, the three dudes turned on me. It was no thing to deal with them. They were stupid, and I was an ex-Imperial soldier. No contest. So when they were dead, the old man ran up to me. He handed me this box, and said "This was given to me, but I'm not worthy of it...maybe you are." And with that he disappeared. I got home and opened the box to find this silver-coloured lightsaber in it. And it works too. I cut a chunk out of my bathtub like it was cheese.

So now I'm not sure what to do. Certain people have told me that I have Force sensitivity, but I'm not sure. I mean, if I do, what am I supposed to do with that? That'd mean that I'm a real-live superhero. I could go to the Alliance, and I'm sure they could help me out. But then I've cast my die, and there wouldn't be any turning back. I can't just sit here forever...

Okay, so that's that. Pretty long, but that's okay. I'll draw up a picture of this dude and post it soon. My National Guard unit goes to Italy for 9 months in two weeks (I'll have internet over there), but hopefully I'll be able to still hang out.
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