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Its like master of Orion
In case you havent heard of this game either. . .
You choose which side you want to be with (imp./reb.), you start with a few planets, ships, buildings and characters. Characters such as Leia, Luke, Mothma, Solo (with the rebs). With these characters you can perform mission (diplomacy, to get the planet on your side, spying, to see whats up on an enemy planet and many others) You build shipwards, troopcenters and construction yards. You build fleets, you put fighters and troops in them, you go on enemy planets, you bombard, you assault, yo assimmilate it with diplomacy... You can also research new ships and troops and stuff.
In short you control the rebellion or the empire.
Ill try to post some images when I can.

BTW, get it! its super cheap (maybe 10$)

Its how do you say ?
A deal's a deal !
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