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Great, mate!

(I guess I always am the earliest to respond to things that don't concern me.)

I'm very happy that there will be a sequel to Lost Cause. If Stuart's "Le Parka" is any indication of how good an actor he is, I bet he'll do well as Lube and the Narrator. Does this indicate a possible Tierra 2? (Noohh aboot the swashbuckin' adventure!!!)

On a different note, I'm trying to burn Tierra de los Muertos onto a CD. I've encountered two problems. One, the format of the Mp3s can't seem to burn onto CD correctly. With "Lost Cause," I had a mp3-wav converter that solved that problem by "normalizing" the mp3s, but I ran out of trial uses with the program (ain't I a cheapskate?) and now I'm wondering what it is that makes it unable to go to CD, and how I can fix that. My second problem is that I put the cast on the CD, and I'm not sure what Lawrence's last name is (I looked hard and I think it's Galkoff) and I don't know who narrated the beginning of Tierra. Stanley?

P.S. I know it's probably hard, given all personal problems and technical issues, to keep the Nightlight on. Your fans appreciate it, just so you know.

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