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*Unla Shardes*

Doctor "It's basic instinct that a child would run to any person that would best fit a mother-like figure for protection."

*Ivan rolls his eyes.*

Ivan "What ever it is, we can't ahve it conflicting with your plans."

*Ivan walks up rapidly to thee child to grab hole of it, however the child holds tigher as he closes his eyes in fright. This triggers teh child to emit a strange black aura, Ivan pauses for a second, then unexpectly two of the scientists rise up and tackle Ivan.

The third rises up and walks over to Ivan, scraping his feet on the floor as he walked, now standing over Ivan head. Ivan's expression was pure terror as the blank look in the scientists face, as the third scientist attacks and breaks Ivan's neck, killing the old former general.

The doctor begins crawling away, but the zombifed scientists pounce on the doctor and kill him as well.

The arua around the child fades as the child passes out.*

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