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......Mr Wase, his old teacher from the special classes all those years ago, returned clasping a large ruler. In the background, Wase's large chested Schoolgirl Bride was chuckling. Wase had somehow become a cyborg after all these years, and had modelled some of his robotic functions on those of one of the many 'fake' Das Moles'. Thus Wase appeared to be 'confused'.

All of a sudden Ray Jones appeared, tripped over the by now naked Reaper Girl (???!? - well got to liven it up somehow!! ), and clubbed Wase round the head with his 'Black Mambo Missy Marmalade' blow up doll. The doll which Ray had previously inflated with an unknown gas (possibly his own gas) exploded, taking out Wase, his Teenage Bride, and set fire to Reaper Girls pile of clothes. Luckily for her, it also took out the window of the nearby 'Clown Supply Shop'. Reaper Girl grabbed some comedy inflating underwear, some ultra baggy slacks and a string vest.

.....all of a sudden the air became clammy (#!?), Roy could detect the presence of something nearby.....Ray thought this could be down to last nights curry, but Reaper Girl was more in tune, "I know what it is" she exclaimed....."Its the.........."

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