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"evil, disgusting, slimy, cheap martha stewart!" they could smell the blackened christmas turkey in the air. "come here, guys," martha said to ray, roy, and reaper girl. as they stepped forward, there was a flash of red in martha's eyes, but nobody saw. "here, i'm going to chip off some of this black, and look at that beautiful mahogany brown color of that turkey."

"we're not stupid," stated reaper girl. "we know you've poisoned it."
"maybe so, but at least i don't look like a clown, bitch!" screeched martha.
"what?!" exclaimed reaper girl. "that's it, you're going down."
in the heat of the catfight, martha took a fork and stabbed the inflatable underwear. reaper girl gasped. "that does it. we're taking this to a very high court of law. we're going to..."


"now what happened?" asked jerry springer.
"she stabbed my inflatable underwear from the clown supply shop!"
"hmm...well, let's bring her out! here's martha!" the crowd began to boo and jeer.
"oh, shut the **** up you asses!" martha stepped onto the stage and took the other chair.
"now, why did you stab her underwear?"
"she threatened me and said i poisoned the turkey!"
"i never threatened you!" reaper girl said.
"oh, yeah, right, you just don't want to get in trouble on national t.v., you little priss!"
"well, you're the one sitting around baking cookies, turkeys and cakes all day, and then you go and make ottomans out of walnut shells, and you're calling me a priss?"
"oh, you're going down you *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*" martha charged at reaper girl, who stayed calm, cool, and collected. she was stopped by one of the many bodyguards.
"now," jerry began, "we're going to settle this with a nice match of naked mud wrestling. the winner is the one who can knock out the other one first and make sure she stays knocked out for at least 10 seconds. actually, let's make it mud and jello."

reaper girl and martha entered the ring and began to fight. the first blow was landed...
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