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......Lords of Retro Fashion, who proceeded to attack Ray, Roy and Das with a 'Saturday Night Fever' blast..... now the boys are standing there dressed like John Travolta. Das wrythes around in the floor in agony while Ray and Roy smile, high five and reach for the stereo. Conveniently a copy of 'Night Fever' by the Bee Gees is in the CD Player.........the play button is pressed...........amongst the high pitched singing (By Ray and Roy as well as the Bee Gees), Das Nole works himself up into a terrible rage......"Nooooooooo I cannot die in a white suit..........I NEED to wear my khaki shorts!!!!!!!". Das drop kicks Martha into the crowd. Martha is immediately set upon by the Jerry Springer influenced crowd who rip her to pieces before the bodyguards can get near. Almost immediately the crowd errupts into the usual and very predictable chats of "Jeeerry, Jeerrry". Everyone bar Martha, who is now dust, sits down, although Das is crying because he's just realised he also has John Travoltas boufant hair. Ray and Roy are giving each other high fives for the same reason......Jerry calms down the crowd....and asks Reaper Girl....

"Wow, emotions were high, so why do you think that was so passionate?"

After some crying and a large silence, Reaper Girl admits that its because she is married to some country guy with a huge moustache and that Martha was actually her lesbian lover and they were planning to run away to Equador..........(same old Jerry Springer story).

.....suddenly a flash of light, the crowd dissapears, but Jerry and the bodyguards start to twitch uncontrollably........

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