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Malice: Is this child mine? My...isn't he powerful?

*CyberEyes looks with shock at what his experiments have created*

CyberEyes: Fascinating. Mind control. I've no idea if Lokpihet's in there or not.

Malice: Who is this Lokpihet you keep speaking of?

CyberEyes: A relative of yours. He has been cloned several times. However, I am under orders not to.......ARGH!

*Malice grips CyberEyes' neck with the force and flings him aside.*

Malice: I know all I need to. I know that I am a contorted version of a dark lord of the sith. And I will bring my son back to life. Come, child.

*Malice walks into the clone laboratory, the boy trailing behind as CyberEyes gasps for breath*

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