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"uh oh" Ray mentioned whilst he was pointing to jerry and his guys.. "see that roy?? i've seen this only one time in my life.. and i only survived coz i took some innocent person to shield myself from a huge blast ..
i think we better duck down so that mole will get the blast to his face." Roy and Ray are ducking down. Ray turns to das mole .. and recognizes that the always confused mole does what he usually alway is doing in such myserious situations.. "d'oh" he say. "my shoe is open" so he kneels down to tie his bootlace.

*bb.. bbbbb. bbboOOOOOoouUUum*

and the whole scene goes up to the sky..

Roy, Das and Ray where looking to the sky .. and they could not believe it. Martha Stewards was there, ALIVE, gliding on some huge parachute which she had produced quickly from her underpanties.
And she was now colored silvern metallic.. which leaves just one clue. She must be some hellborne android machine send from future to fill the world up with pain and acetone-like breath. That and panties as big as parachutes.

Meanwhile Reaper Girl appeared. She has still nothing to cloth (except for these NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE panties.. ) on her body. But it was ok since she was covered with mud over and over. As she stepped up she said:
"look what i've found." and showed a strange obviously broken thing, made of metal and wood.

"Crap" Ray yelled .. we are in big trouble now. "Do you see this?" Roy
and Das looked. They all shrugged.
"The universal restart lever.. Oh no. we never can restart again if its getting to boring or das is too confused to find useful words." Roy cried. Ray agreed. "Yeah. that AND Martha Steward over there.. er.. there .. ??? hey.. where did she touched the ground..??"

Our fellows really facing deep **** right now, everything within a range of 10 kilometers i blown away, reaper girl is not really naked, das confused and to make things worse the've lost sight of the hellborne android machine Martha Steward.


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