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"get the **** out of here!" das yelled at his little brother. "you're ruining our slightly exciting, slightly boring story! go away!"
"okay..." so he went away.
"now," ray said, "you must give reaper girl your shorts."
"never! can't you see? these portals are what they look like. the happy one is the happy one. the dark one is the evil one. this isn't some kind of strange paradoxical metaphor to personify the meaning of life! there's no hidden description to why the portals are extreme differential ratios. or something. this is what it is. you need to wake up from your dream world(s) guys. this is reality."
"wow." they all said in unison, amazed at how different that was, especially coming from das.
"now let's go. we're going to happyland," das stated. they all entered the portal to happyland, and the portal closed behind them. they so fields filled with flowers and bunny rabbits, with little butterflies skipping around.
as they all went to take a step forward, ray felt a strange lurking around them. "wait!" he warned them. "don't move." they could hear movement in the bushes. there was a shadow lurking around.
and out of the darkness came the martha stewart android, hot
glue guns and needles ablaze. "hello. welcome to the corner of pay and back." the hot glue came shooting rapidly out of the hot glue guns, and needles began shooting out of her mouth. "ha ha ha!"
a few needles landed in reaper girl's right cheek. "aaahh!!! nooo!!! i hate acupuncture!"
the glue hit a few dead leaves on the ground, starting a wildfire. "let's see you stop that!" and with that, martha flew away into the sky.
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