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((Deac: The boy's unconscious.))

*The Dark Plane, Spectural*

Specture 1 "Specter is alive and in human form..."

Specture 2 "Yes I felt his presence, but wasn't he banished to the lower planes?"

Specture 1 "It's becuase he's soul was broken down into a purer form, thats how he was able to escape the lower planes. However he's not as strong as before, why?""

Specture 3 " Yes, I witnessed the act of his essence posscessing a developing clone. How ever with his act of having himself broken down he wouldn't have no memory of who he was, nor will he fully be able to harness his former powers. But knowing who Specter was when he was human, he should have no problem adjusting him being a former Sith lord and all..."

Specture 2 "You just have to hate it when a mortal transends into a higher form of being, if the aeges prevented such acts we wouldn't have half the amount of problems in this universe..."

Specture 1 "I'd hold your tounge, if you say was so, you'd wouldn't be here..."

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