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Anakin was raised there. That makes me wonder what the heck Obi Wan was thinking!

Yoda: "Hide the children of Skywalker, we must."

Obi Wan: "I know! Let's take Luke to Anakin's home planet that he knows like the back of his hand. Hey, we could ask Anakin's own step-brother to keep him!"

Yoda: "Yeah. Ok. Billions of planets there are that skywalker knows nothing of. But put him on the one planet Skywalker knows best, you want? Good idea."

Obi Wan: "Great! I'll get right on it!" Runs out of the room.

Yoda: "No! Wait! Sarcastic, I was being!"

"The Sith always tell the truth. The Jedi lie on every convenience. Odd."
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