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No promises about Tierra 2, Lost Cause 2, or anything else for that matter. Always hopes, but never promises.

Lawrence's last name is Aitcheson. And I can't exactly remember what the opening of Tierra sounds like but from memory... you're hearing the voice of Graham Wilson. In the special edition, those lines were re-recorded by Stanley as Number Two.

If you're using nero to burn, you don't need to convert the .wav files. Just burn them straight. Beyond that, I can't offer advice, as I never had that problem (having the original full quality wav files on my harddrive probably had something to do with that).

It is hard, yes. My life really sucks at the moment. Every aspect of it, without exception. I just hope there's some people still around once Nightlight eventually powers back up. Thanks for posting, D and Merc.

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