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Angry OMG All is lost on Manaan

I will try not to spoil here, but this bug is sucky, I may have to start all over.

Got three maps out of four, I just haven't visited Kashyyk. I'm on Manaan. When I leave, no matter where I go, I get picked up by a big ship, and get all kinds of major plot twists. When I returned to Ebon Hawk some people are no longer there, and I've got a magical robot pilot that can take me places I've never been.

Obviously the game is jumping ahead for me, as I haven't even visited Kashyyk yet. But now I can't even leave Manaan, and all my saves are either on Manaan or on this damn ship. I thought you could go to whatever planets you wanted to, that you didn't have to go in a specific order.

So, must I restart?
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