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Gilian: Fast enough.

*Gilian's comlink buzzes. Rwos is on the other end*

Rwos: Gilian? What---

Gilian: Rwos? Your friend Starkiller is in trouble. We've gotten rid of the vampire problem and restored the sun, and---

Rwos: I'm back in-dimension, yes I can see that - what's wrong with Deac?

Gilian: No one knows. A panel on his body reads: "Life Support Extremely low. Recommendation: Contact either one Doctor Geran Hilth, or Imperial Scientist known as CyberEyes. Whereabouts unknown"

Rwos: CyberEyes? That's the codename of the scientist that helped genetically alter Deac into a synthetic Jedi as I recall. I don't recognize Geran Hilth, but the name resembles that of one of the scientists I believe helped create Deac's cyborg body.

Gilian: Do you know where to locate either of them?

Rwos: Not Hilth. CyberEyes may or may not be on the planet Ulna Shardes. Unfortunately, it's most likely that he left when the Imperials bombarded the planet recently.

((Deac: Feel free to write the part about Hilth off as coincidence if it doesn't fit. ))


Warp Space

*Aren looks slyly at Kioet* I'm surprised that's all you asked for. *She looks at Artemis and Farran, who silently look back* What about you two? You've been silent the whole time your companion has been busying himself by asking us for everything his little heart desires.

Farran: Just trying to figure out exactly what your angle on this situation is. You obviously don't know much about me, or you would probably have taken different tactics than you have been. You say you want information and various other unnamed "services". You won't tell me what those services are. In return, you're offering us new lives and any material goods you can provide. Am I correct?

Aren: Yes.

Farran: Now see, I'm not an idiot. I know what the Shadows are. You're criminals. Why should I trust you?

Aren: Would the fact that we haven't killed you yet help any?

Farran: Why should we trust you?

Aren: You don't have to. But, honestly - if not to us...where else are you going to go?

*Farran and Artemis are again silent*

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