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Angry Dialogue Glitches

Don't get me wrong I love this game, its the best game ever, I cried at the end but the one glitch I did get was probably the only one I haven't heard anyone talk about, why the **** do I somtime not get speech! Mostly its with Carth and Bastilla but it happens alot with others, Especialy now that Ive beaten the game and started a new pc, I can't pursue any of the party charactors quest because of this, the game crashes it takes forever, and sometimes I can't even read the subtitles it flies by so fast. When I do push it and am lucky not to get a crash they sometimes say a few sentances but then they start up again or the screen goes either black or white. Please someone tell me how to fix this, I would like to get more than 30 hours out of this game the second time around oh and if it helps when I dont get speech they're mouths don't move either but they nod and raise eyebrows and stuff.
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