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Edge of Hope - Episode 1 - Tower Saga

Ok, folks, here is how this particular RP is going to work. rules, blah blah blah...

Modern Day
Large industrial park
Starts off at night

Anything that obviously exisits, or you can prove via a link that it exists.

One character only, holding a realistic number of items or objects. No super-beings are allowed, it is assumed you are just a normal human being. Strength limits are set to 300lbs, 400lbs when experiancing an adrenaline rush, 500lbs when on level one steroids, 700lbs when on level two steriods. During the use of steroids, however, the player is assumed to be incoherent and cannot communicate with anyone for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the player falls alseep and remains asleep until someone wakes them up (kicks them, pushes them, something pysical. Loud noises do not count).

All the characters in the game find themselves in a large industrial complex, made up of five buildings surrounding a large courtyard. There is a high wall around the complex (30ft), topped with barbed wire. On the other side of the wall, 20ft away, is a second and identical wall. Between the two is a mixture of gases, including Halon. Breathing the Halon is instantly deadly, and due to Halon's characteristics, gas masks do not protect for longer than sixty seconds or so.

Each building has a purpose and specifc reason for existing. two of them are warehouses, which store various things. Another is a hospital. Another is a barracks. The last if the five is a tall tower, withou doors or windows, that reaches 95' at its top. It is 24' wide and long, and has no features at all.

All the players are intensely afraid when the game starts, having just experianced some halucenations from the drugs used to capture them. Everyone is on edge.

No one has anything on them at all except for the clothes they were wearing when they were abducted.

I'll be posting a map shortly.

Please post your characters name, profession, and skills. Limit skills to three specific abilties (IE, Hacking or Hand to Hand comabt).

Keep your characters names distinctly HUMAN.

So if they are gonna be weird, make them middle eastern

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