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[It Fits. Right, Cliffhanger time]


*The same holoproj on Deac's arm projects an image of Deac*

Deac: This message is intended to be heard only if my vitals have dropped dangerously low while my brain activity has spiked beyond normal levels. If this message is playing, then that event has occurred.

I've been hiding the fact I have Avatar Withdrawal sickness. The forced loss of the Starkiller during my short spell in an Alternate Universe[ Cantina 4- Beginning- Death of Syrnl] has left major damage to my genetic structure and several areas of my brain. My cyborg body has been able to deal with this for some time, but if this is being heard, it wasn't enough. By now you should have the names of the two people who can deal with this situation.

My last will and testament has been pre-recorded and is currently in the hands of the Family lawyer on Atredis. Along with them, you will also find messages for my Aunt on Atredis, my Nephew Orthos, and also my long standing friend Termand Rwos.

*The holoproj powers down*

#Danger. Bio-electrical energy is critically low. Augmentations will shut down in four hours.*


*The scientists and engineers have fled. Maon Jil now stands at the control centre*

Makon: Signal Admiral Flax. The Revolution has begun!

*Soldiers Cheer*
Ulna Shardes

*A cylinder opens and outsteps an all too-familiar figure...*

Lokpihet: Alive again, and guess what? Starkiller's dying!

*Uses force destruction on CyberEyes, leaving a charred dust and scorch mark where he was. Malice looks at him questioningly*

Oh...he was the only person who could help him...

Will Deac be revived? Will the Galaxy be plunged into Civil War once again? And will Lokpihet cause YET MORE trouble? And what of Beta and Malice? And all the others that the plotline has become to complicated for me to name? TO BE CONTINUED...

New Excitement in Cantina 11!

Did someone say "Yet more Clones of Deac?"!
Lokpihet gets a cellphone!
And due to budget cuts, the Jil family might not be mentioned again, but new robotic technology will mean you won't notice the difference....

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