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*Plistin gets to his feet.*

Plistin "Not that it mattered, I'm not exactly the type to be listening to someone bark orders when he's in the same undenyable situation as I am..."

*Plisten walks, while keeping a hand to a wall, looking forward and off to the sides, nothing.*

*He finally walks to a point not even twelve feet from where he began, where he meets a corner, it was too dark and the drugs didn't fully wear off yet that he didn't see that he was going to walk right into the joining wall.

He turns it, and walks about another twenty feet, and reaches another wall. He grunts and turns back into the general direction to where bower is standing.*

Plistin "Listen, we aren't going to get very far if only one of us is contributing to finding a way out of here. Granted it would help if this crap settled in a few minutes, but you can't just stand there and worry about yourself."

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