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until, unlooked for and unexpected, an airplane flys out from its hidden spot in the bushes and crushes martha, face, head, and invisable legs all. After the madness, Ernil jumps out of the bushes after escaping from jail that morning with only a pair of panties and a bikini top. All others watch him confusingly (who the HELL IS this guy?) Amidst the confusion, Ernil runs out of there realising that all of these ridiculous people used to be obsessed with panties...but that was a few universes ago...right....a few martha stewarts ago...c'mon guys....quit looking at me like that....the panties aren't THAT nice....

*Ernil makes a terrible attempt to book it out of there, and trips over nothing.*

None of that matters, though, because Das Mole was busy tearing apart his small yet useful....

"Hammer and tongs! I am so torn between rage and joy, that if I do not burst, it will be a marvel!"
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