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Introducing Saurat

Name: Saurat Denoil
Rank: Lieutenant
Weapon skills: Heavy Weapons (grenades, thermal detonators) and Saurat knows how to pilot an at-pt
Carrying: 1 thermal detonator, and a blaster pistol
Bio: Saurat is just another walker pilot, who was sent down on Jolek to stop the resistance.

Saurat: Pull back!

*both at-pts explode*

*5 minutes later, Saurat pulls himself out of the wreckage of the at-pt he was in, he just barely made it out alive, thanks to his heavy powered armor and helmet.*

Saurat: I told my commanding officer this wasn't a good idea, but he must have been deaf...I hope Ivan gives him what he deserves...

*lightning strikes close-by, followed by hard rain*

Saurat: I think I better see if I can contact Ivan and let him know somebody's still alive in this area...

*Saurat crawls inside garage, slowly stands up, throws aside his dented helmet, and removes his damaged armor vest, his imperial clothes are torn, showing burn marks on his skin.*

*Saurat activates the comm*

Saurat: Is anybody there?

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