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...manual of style.
"why are you doing that?" asked ray.
"because, i have to rip this apart into tiny pieces, then give it to a clown. that should open another portal to get us out of this hellish otherworld."
"but where are we supposed to get a clown?"
"here. take this." reaper girl handed ray a clown suit.
"where'd you get this from?" ray wondered.
"well, where do you think? obviously it was in the clown supply shop."
"but if they took away your clothes, then how did you still have this?"
"never mind. just put it on."
"okay, i'm done. i'll throw this stylish confetti on you now, ray." das stated. and after he tossed up the very limited amount they had...

it missed ray. not a single shred hit him.
"oh, great, i missed! now how are we supposed to get out of here?"
"look, over there!" reaper girl said. "it's a...
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