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Ulna Shardes

*Beta Enters. Lokpihet stands before the cloning tube where he was created*

Lokpihet: Well, Beta, I guess you should know who you are.

Beta: I am....Beta. No-one knows my real name. Deac Starkiller stole my life.

Lokpihet: Did he? Well, he's quite unwell. Perhaps you could...replace yourself with him. Maybe no-one would know. But of course, you don't have his augmentations. And thier lies could hurt you. You could be...a liability.

*Two guards enter and grab Beta*

Lokpihet: You're just a shoddy clone. Maybe you have a soul, maybe you don't, but the last thing I need to do is care.

*The guards drag him off. Malice enters*

Malice: Quite impressive, Lokpihet, dear.

Lokpihet: You're not my father...or mother, for that matter. Why should I tolerate your prescence?

*Malice fires off force lightning into middle-distance*

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