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Ok Kill my old character.

Name: Suakto Kj°len (Japanese custom, family name first)
Gender: Male
Species: Inu Youkai and Human (Hanyou)
Age: 17
Height: 5 feet 10 inches or about 178cm
Weight: 120Lbs (I'm light but strong, makes for better running.)
Eye Color: Radient Green
Hair Color: Light Silverish Blue
Hair Length: Almost to my shoulders
Skin Color: Pale White
Languages: English, Japanese, Youkai (Understand not speak)
Attire: White and blue Kimono with chain. Japanese sandals.
Weapons: Claws, Energy Whip, Small youkai sword, or very large knife, made from a mithril and youkai bones, with the energy of 50 oni and 100 youkai. Used for good.
BIO: I was born from a human mother and I had a Youkai father. My father was a powerful Inu Youkai warroir, that fought for the protection of humans, and my mother was a strong willed taija-ya. (Youkai exterminator). They were married in a Catholic church with the same beliefs.
I inherited my great determination from my moth, as well as her powerful green eyes. My father gave me his youkai strength. I am able to run very fast with my strong legs, light body and youkai energy, even when carrying something a little heavier than me. I can fly, not as fast as I can run, but fast enough to make a short cut. My claws with youkai energy can take down powerful evil youkai. Out form my claws I can produce a strong energy whip that can tear through rocks and strong metals. Any lethal ingury to a human, would be an injury healed in a day or two for me. I have the power over regeneration, an uncommon gift in my family. I could regrow a limb in a month.

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