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Originally posted by ZBomber
Like Acrylic said before, why should I adjust my gamma level. Its good enoguh for other palces without giving me headaches. And its the same with other people too. We are just requesting that you get rid of a little of the white. We are the people of the Swamp, we are the ones who come here, don't our opinions matter?
Perhaps you have sensitive eyes.

It's not as simple as getting rid of the white. We want it to match the website, and that's white and blue. We administer the swamp and the rest of these forums. We provide a free service to you at no benefit to ourselves. We make all this possible, shouldn't you take our suggestions into account?

I'm reminded of something George Lucas said, about how he makes Star Wars films for himself rather than for others. I see why now...because you can't please everyone. It seems that the only people continuing this debate on web colors is ZBomber, Acrylic, and myself, and we can continue doing it in Feedback for as long as you like.

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