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Oh thank freakin' GOD!!!!

Gee wiz!! Took me ages to fix my internet explorer. My taskbar happened to magically disa-freaking-ppear. A month's grouding didn't help either.

I've been sneaking on but I haven't visited the forums...and since I'm all good now, I've been surfing the web like a madman for two days straight. Presently I realized that, 'Holy poo, I haven't been on the forums in AGES!'

So here I am. Seems that not much has changed. What, four or five new threads? Come on, last time I checked this place was hoppin, people, get it together.

Anyway, I've been to the scummbar so check it out. Especially the MI2 outtakes and the soundtracks and all that. It's really something.

Also, I'd gotten a private message from Fender. (I didn't check the date so I don't know how long ago that was...)

But if he's back, I'm glad. Missed the sucker.

So, to all the forumers old and new, simply put...

...whats been shaking, dudes?? Feels great to be here :-D

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