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Exclamation is back!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, brothers and sisters, friends and family - The Dark Forces MOD for Jedi Knight II (possibly Jedi Academy) is back! We have been down for well over a month, and now, we are back, better than ever!

Due to the inconvenience of a hacker, and then some very un-helpful server admins, our site - and indeed many others, have been down for a long time. That is the short version. If you seek a more "in depth" explanation, head in the direction of the forums - a refuge for those MOD fans who could not live without regular updates. Anyway, all you need to know now, is that we are back, with a new site design - and hopefully for good.

A bunch of stuff has been going on while we've been down. I won't spoil you with it all now, you'll have to wait for future updates to get the full scoop - but for now, we will spoil you with one update. More precisely, a demo update. Finally, after months of waiting, we are able to deliver a patch/update to the demo we released over six months ago. This includes:
  • a completely new Kyle model
  • simple EAX support for the Secret Base
  • fixed shot effects for the Bryar pistol (including Imperial Officer shot)
  • more sparkly helmet for the Imperial Commando
  • new Blaster and Bryar pistol models and skins
  • "correct" menu music
  • some shader fixes
  • one menu fix

It's not much, but it's better than nothing! A multiplayer model release of the new Kyle will follow shortly. You can download the patch for the demo over in the downloads section. Enjoy!

We also hope that you like the new website design. This was a collaborative effort between myself, and graphics "guru" Fracman. With our combined skills we hoped to create a great website, resembling the Dark Forces datapad, and other DF elements - this, I think, we have achieved. You can vote in the poll on the right, and tell us what you think about the new design.

For now, that's it. Stay tuned over the next few days for a further update, and one of our fabled "what's been going in in every department of the MOD for the past month" updates.

See you then,

The Dark Forces MOD Team

Dark Forces: A Mod for Jedi Academy

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