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exiting the bar, captain andy, das, and his annoying kid brother found it had suddenly become stormy. running towards them were ernil and roy, each with three bags full of moist towelettes. lemon scented moist towelettes. and then, out of the saloon across the street, came martha, obviously furious. without noticing any of the five of them standing there, martha pulled a rip cord coming out of her pocket, inflating her panties. she then pushed up with her legs and began to fly away. but, all of a sudden, a tornado came down upon her.
"no!" captain andy screamed. "we have to keep an eye on her!"
"wait!" das said. "i have an idea! everybody take some moist towelettes and start opening them."

five minutes later...

"good. all 6,000 of them are open. when i say 'now', throw the towelettes into the tornado. they'll pick up all of the dirt and dust, and we'll be able to see where martha is!"

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