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backup of this site dated May 21, 2003

I have a full mirrored copy of this site dated May 21st of this year. email me if you want a copy. I have no idea what you had added but apparently a hard drive puked on ya.

update -

Well, I've just checked all the "classic" Lucas games sites I'd mirrored and it sure seems the whole lot went down. As I recall, and this occurrence sure seems to validate, there were a lot of domains all really going to the same server. In any event, I've got offline mirrors of:

Escape from Monkey Island ( - The one appears to have disappeared from the web, actually.

International House of Mojo (

The World of Monkey Island (

Unofficial Sam & Max Website (

Understand, these are not the actual files as used by the server(s), these are locally mirrored replicas.

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